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Bramco Granite & Marble Ltd is a locally owned business with owners Mark & Jenny Bramwell and Bruce James strongly involved with the day to day running.

Bramco Granite & Marble has been built and driven with their passion for natural stone and with strong support from their like-minded team of professionals.


Mark Bramwell – Director

Bramco is the leader in the supply and manufacture of natural and engineered stones.

We have only the highest quality material on show, along with the latest technology from Europe to produce stunning stone work.

Bruce James – Director

Bruce has been involved in the stone industry for 31 years and has been involved with some of the most prestigious projects in Wellington.

Bruce is highly respected within the construction industry for his quality and concern for detail.

Silicosis & Bramco (June 2019)
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In light of recent news on accelerated silicosis hitting the NZ media we would like to reassure our clients (potential, past and current) that at Bramco we take the issue of silica dust exposure very seriously and have done so for a number of years.

We have the following controls in place in line with advice by WorkSafe NZ to protect our factory staff, installers and visitors to Bramco:

– Dust Extractors in our factory
– Wet cutting/grinding/polishing to minimize dust
– Specialised H Class vacuums for hazardous dust (no dry sweeping)
– On tool dust extraction
– Correctly fitted and regularly maintained respirators for all staff potentially exposed to dust
– Every year our factory staff have their hearing and lung function checked. This year we are also offering that all staff can have chest x-rays and/or a CT scan done at our expense.

In addition to this we have also had a team from Massey University conduct exposure testing on site to monitor the amount of dust in the air. General visitors to our Slab Gallery can feel reassured that any airborne dust exposure during their visit is zero from our measures.

Exposure in our factory is generally below the current NZ Workplace Exposure Standard of 0.1 mg/m3. WorkSafe NZ is proposing that this is reduced to 0.05 mg/m3, but we are aiming for 0.025 mg/m3 or less to be inline with the USA. We will continue to work to get this down to as close to zero as possible through processes rather than catchment controls. Please see the attached letter from Massey University

The news of deaths in Australia from accelerated silicosis is absolutely devastating to our industry and it is horrifying to think that other New Zealand stonemasons could potentially have undiagnosed silicosis. We are doing everything we can to protect our valuable staff from this.