Bramco - granite and marble

Product Care



Heat: Will handle boiling water, oven trays, pots etc but anything that holds it heat e.g. Cast Iron, Copper should be left to cool on a trivet.


Scratching: The surface is scratch resistent for normal kitchen use but common sense prevails . Gemstone (diamonds) or tungsten implements can scratch the surface.


Cleaning: For every day cleaning just use a clean cloth and hot soapy water. Never use supermarket spray and wipes as these can be very harsh (even if they say they can be used on natural stone). Lithofin Easy Clean is recommended and you can buy from our showroom.


Staining: Granite is natural and therefore porous and is sealed at the factory to prevent liquids penetrating. Granite should not stain under normal conditions. As a precautionary measure wipe up spills as they occur. Avoid prolong exposure to oils, margarine or butter as these can mark. Any problems please contact us immediately.


Polishing: Granite will retain its polish indefinitely. Enhance by using any wax based polishing compound.




Heat: Quartz Stone can tolerate moderately hot temperatures for a short period of time, however we recommend using a pot holder rather than placing direct on stone. Refer to manufacturers warranty information as they vary depending on which brand you choose.


Scratching: The surface is scratch resistant for normal kitchen use but common sense prevails. Gemstone (diamonds) or tungsten implements can scratch the surface.


Cleaning: For every day cleaning just use a clean cloth and a mild detergent. For stubborn food residues use a non scratch pad/cloth with watered liquid Jif or a cream cleanser. Spray and Wipes can be used on quartz.


Staining: Quartz is a non porous product therefore if there are any issues please contact us immediately.



Cleaning: Factory sealed but requires on going sealer and waxing for protection. We recommend Easy Clean by Lithofin, but a clean cloth and mild detergent works fine. Clean up any spills immediately to avoid possible staining.


Polishing: Regular applications of a good wax, polished off with a clean soft cloth will provide additional protection for this material. For ease of application we recommend aerosol polishers such as Pledge or Mr Sheen.



Please note the following:


Abrasions and scratching, felt bases and placemats are essential.


Food & beverage acids will etch off the surface polish.


Always wipe up spills immediately to prevent staining.


Heat will scorch the marble, again always use hot plates and keep hearths clear of burning material.


Marble should be treated with the same care you would to fine wood finishes.