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How much will my bench top cost?
Material is sold per square metre. This rate is based on country of origin and availability of the material, we only source the best quality material from Italy, Brazil, Madagascar, Norway, India etc. Then there are additional costs for polishing, templating and installation etc.
What colours can I choose from?
Bramco Granite & Marble keep a stock of approximately 50 granite colours at any one time. We can also offer engineered stone like Caesarstone and Quantum Quartz (it is not where it is made, it is how it is made i.e. all engineered stone should be made on a specific production line) in approximately 60 colours and a selection of Marble. Bramco highly recommends viewing all stone in slab form prior to making a final decision. Our Slab Gallery is available Monday to Friday and Saturdays between 10-1pm.
Can I choose what sort of edging I have?
Yes, there are a number of styles to choose from with a pencil round arris of 3mm being the most popular and cost effective.
What options are available for mounting sinks?
The most popular and recommended method is undermounting, there are a few extra options available like drainer flutes etc, these can be discussed at our show room. **Please note we will not take responsibility if we undermount an overmount designed bowl with a drainer tray**
How long will it take to get my bench top?
Our lead time is generally 10 working days, but this time can vary depending on work load.
** Please note prior to accepting a job into our production schedule we need the following:
1. Bowl, Tap and Hob or anything requiring a cutout is on site for our templater.
2. Material must be available in our yard.
3. 50% deposit has been paid.
4. All temporary tops have been removed prior to templater arriving.
** The lead time starts when we have all the above finalized.
How do I keep my bench top clean?
Bramco recommend using hot soapy water with a clean cloth or for added protection we sell Lithofin Easy Clean spray from our showroom. Spray and Wipe or watered down Jif is recommended for engineered stone surfaces.
Will my bench top scratch or chip?
Granite & Quartz are scratch and chip resistant but are not indestructable. Chips only occur by impact and are not covered in any warranty.
What thickness does the stone come in?
20mm and 30mm are the standard thicknesses. Not all colours come in both thicknesses. Thicker sizes can be achieved by having the edges mitred or laminated.
Where will the joints be located?
This is subject to slab sizes, access to your property and location of sinks and hobs, but will be generally on the internal corners of a U shaped kitchen. Slab sizes – Granite approx 2.9m-3.2m length, Engineered Stones 3m with Silestone having some 3.2 lengths.
Will the joints be noticeable?
Our joints are approximately 2mm wide. They are then filled with a coloured epoxy to make them unobtrusive. There is still the need for some flexible joints around the perimeter.
Is Granite porous?
Yes – however Bramco uses a high quality sealer from Lithofin. If you start to see water marks on your bench it will need resealing. Please note – not using recommended cleaning products may break the protection down quicker.
Will the colour vary within the slabs?
In some colours depending on how they were formed in the earth, there will be variation within the slab, but this is not in all cases.
** Please note there could be natural veins/vents/fissures/inclusions and pitting viewable on the finished slab. (We recommend the viewing of slabs prior to cutting).
Can we have our fire hearth and or mantel piece without joints?
Basically with all products you need to allow for expansion and contraction, stone is the same if you heat the whole stone consistently you would be fine, but if the heat is localised this can cause thermal shock which can lead to cracking
As long as you follow our guidelines then you won’t have any issues.
Depending on the design, most times joints are not required but you would need to talk to us first.
About our granite

Granite is an igneous stone made up of Quartz 35%, Feldspar 45% and Potassium and measures 6 on the hardness scale. (Diamonds measure 10 on the same scale).

About our engineered quartz slabs

Engineered Quartz slabs are made from approximately 91-95% natural quartz chips and 5-9% resin.

About our marble

Marble is a recrystallized limestone made up from calcium and dolomite and measures 3 on the hardness scale (it is not highly recommended for kitchen bench tops).

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